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Live Chat helps you decrease your customer service
costs significantly by lowering demand for phone support.
A skilled agent can easily handle up to 3 customer
interactions simultaneously.
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01Unlimited Agents

Live chat helps convert more visitors into customers. Create as many agent accounts as you need from live chat panel. Your customers are different from each other.

02Real Time Monitoring

View visitor's country, browser, pages visited, and other info using monitoring feature of our live chat system. This information will allow you to better define your marketing strategies.

03Native Mobile Apps

Offer fast and personal service even if you are not at your desk. The mobile app for Android and iOS will help you chat with customers or reply to tickets wherever you are.

04Automated Triggers

Triggered Chats are smart triggers which enable you to send automated custom messages to your website visitors based on preconditions.

05Canned responses

Canned responses will shorten your response times and save keystrokes on repetitive typing. With canned responses, you type it once, save it and reuse it in chats whenever you need.

06Built-in Ticketing

Live Chat comes with a built-in ticketing system. It allows you to handle all your support activities from one place. If a chat can’t be resolved in one touch, agents can escalate it to a ticket.

07File Transfer

Give customers the ability to upload files during a chat so they can easily share more info about their issues. Both agents and customers can send a file to reach an understanding faster

08Detailed Reporting

Offers a wide range of chat and tickets reports. Use them to fine-tune your implementation. The reports will help you spot areas which can be optimized and more efficient.

Business Website & eCommerce

Website + Branding

AED550per month
billed yearly
Effective website that speaks to your customers and targeted audience.

E-Commerce + Branding

AED1750per month
billed yearly
Ecommerce assist your customers make instinctive buying decisions.

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